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Group leaders console front-line employees fighting in high temperature

Over the past few days, there has been a continuous high-temperature weather of over 35 degrees Celsius in Tianchang. Nevertheless, the vast number of front-line employees of the group are not afraid of high temperature, and always fight in their respective positions. On July 14, the group's general manager, Mao Wen, deputy general manager, Min Yujun, and other leaders of relevant functional departments, braved the high temperature to go deep into the production line, and consoled the broad staff working in the high temperature environment.
Leaders of the group went to the production sites of the first part of optical cable, Tiankang Hospital in Nancheng District, including electrical, medical, optical cable, photovoltaic, instrumentation, lithium batteries, special vehicles and so on. They sent anti-heat and cooling medicines to front-line employees, inquired about the production situation and expressed their cordial condolences.
Every place, the group leaders also inspected the situation of safety production and enterprise management, demanding that the leaders of each unit pay special attention to the work of heat prevention and cooling of front-line workers, arrange the work and rest time of workers reasonably, and eliminate the hidden dangers of various high temperature weather, so as to ensure the orderly progress of all kinds of work.

The group leader's condolences further stimulated the enthusiasm of the front-line staff. Everyone said that they would continue to adhere to their respective positions, fight relentlessly against high temperature, stress safety, ensure quality, grasp the progress, and successfully complete the group's production tasks.

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