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Anhui Tiankang Group and ABB (China) Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement

       On March 6,2018,the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between Anhui Tiankang Group and ABB (China) Co., Ltd. was held at the conference center on the first floor of Tiankang Group. Zhao Kuan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tiankang Group, General Manager Mao Wen, Deputy General Manager Yan Yujun, Zhou Jiannong, General Manager of Power Business Sales of ABB's Electrical Products Business Unit, Sales Director Yin Shengqiang and Shi Guoqiang attended the signing ceremony. Mao Wen, general manager of Tiankang Group and Zhou Jiannong, general manager of power business of ABB's electrical products business department, signed the agreement on behalf of both parties.
      According to the agreement, the two parties will conduct comprehensive business cooperation in marketing, products and solutions, project implementation plan, construction and talent and technical training based on the principle of “building a brand together and achieving win-win cooperation”. A broad, deep and long-term stable partnership.
      Before signing the agreement, the two sides had a cordial and friendly discussion and exchange. Zhou Jiannong gave a detailed introduction to ABB's development strategy of “In China, China”. Its electrical products cover a wide range of industries including construction and infrastructure, industry, power, machinery and home, with R&D, production, engineering, sales and service. All-round business.
      Zhao Kuan, chairman of Tiankang Group, pointed out during the meeting that ABB is a Fortune 500 company and hopes that both parties can collaborate through closer and broader cooperation in project information sharing, technology assurance, program provision and personnel training. Development, mutual benefit.
      Mao Zong, the general manager of the group, delivered a speech at the signing ceremony and said that through this cooperation, the two sides will further enhance the advantages and complementarities, share resources, and work together to expand the breadth and depth. At the same time, Tiankang Group will take this opportunity to further Learn ABB's advanced management philosophy, standardized management model, and management objectives based on long-term development. This will not only promote Tiankang Group and its products in terms of market popularity, management level, and development speed, but also make great progress and improvement. At the same time, it can also combine our own advantages and influence with Tiankang Group to continuously bring our industry. Be fine, big,and strong.
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