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How to distinguish between true and false silicone rubber cable?

How to distinguish between true and false silicone rubber cable?Authentic silicone rubber cable has good thermal stability, excellent electrical properties, flame retardancy, excellent corrosion resistance and environmental resistance, and high temperature thermal conductivity. The application of silicone rubber cable in the wire and cable industry is growing. The polymer chain is a flexible chain. When it has no external force, it is usually not linear, but is curved. It can be stretched when it is externally applied, that is, the rubber has high elasticity. This property is not found in other polymer compounds.
silicone rubber cable maximum temperature is 180 degrees, and it is easy to tear by hand. (Special selection adopts high tear-resistant silicone rubber) It will not soften when burned with fire, and the dust generated after burning is white. Silicone rubber cable rubber is a chain polymer compound whose polymer chain is a flexible chain. Rubber can generally be divided into two broad categories: natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Silicone rubber is a kind of synthetic rubber which is formed by partial hydrolysis of silicone.
    The fake silicone rubber cable material is made of silicon-silicon material, has the flexibility of silicone rubber cable, its color appearance is similar to that of true silicone rubber cable, and how to distinguish the silicone rubber cable made of silicon-silicon material is flame retardant. The effect temperature is 105 degrees. It will soften when burned with fire. The dust generated during burning will be black and it will be difficult to tear by hand.


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