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Silicone rubber cable requirements for rubber extrusion

      It should be familiar to conventional plastic cables. The production process of high temperature resistant silicone rubber cable is different from that of conventional power cable. The following describes the requirements for rubber extrusion of silicone rubber cable.
1. Eccentricity: The deviation of the thickness of the extruded insulation is an important indicator of the level of the extrusion process. Most of the product structure dimensions and their deviation values are clearly defined in the standard;
2, smoothness: the surface of the extruded insulation layer is required to be smooth, and the problem of poor quality of surface roughness, scorch and impurities shall not occur;
3. Density: The cross section of the extruded insulation layer should be dense and firm, and pinholes visible to the naked eye should not be allowed to prevent the presence of air bubbles.

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Silicone rubber cable


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