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UL3239 wire specification

UL3239 wire specification?UL3239 is the most common type of silicone high-voltage wire, which refers to the high-voltage-resistant wire with high-voltage resistant silicone rubber material as the insulating layer. UL3239 silicone high-voltage cable not only has high pressure resistance, but also has excellent performance in high temperature and low temperature resistance. Silicone high-voltage cables are widely used in high-temperature environments such as LCD TV high-voltage lines, household appliances, lighting fixtures, aviation fields, and electric heating products.

UL3239 Silicone High Voltage Wire characteristic
The rated temperature of UL3239 silicone wire is relatively high, which can basically reach 150℃~300℃, and the rated voltage can reach about 3KV-200KV. Silicone rubber is used as the insulating material, and the insulation thickness is uniform, which is convenient for peeling and cutting;
◆ Standard: UL758, UL1581
◆ The conductor uses 28-10AWG single or stranded bare copper or tinned copper wire
◆ Silicone rubber insulation
◆ Uniform insulation thickness, convenient for peeling and cutting

◆Pass FT2 horizontal combustion test application: used for internal connection lines of electronic and electrical equipment, such as motors.

silicone rubber cable

UL3239 wire specification


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